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Volume 2 - Issue 6 (November 2013)

# Article Title
1 Using Artificial Neural Networks in NPC Decision-Making Process
Authors : Carlos Alberto Barros Cruz Westhead Madsen, Diana F. Adamatti
2 Non-blocking Algorithm for Eventual Consistent Replicated Database on Cloud
Authors : Mawahib Musa Elbushra, Jan Lindström
3 Study on the Use of Semi-Automatic Systems for Counting Objects in Digital Images
Author : Jayme Garcia Arnal Barbedo
4 Malware Detection from a Virtual Machine
Authors : Nathaniel Amsden, Cihan Varol
5 The Impact of Moderating Factors on Behavioral Intention Towards Internet: a Transnational Perspective
Authors : Almamy Touray, Airi Salminen, Anja Mursu
6 A Survey of the State of Dataspaces
Authors : Shibwabo Bernard Kasamani, Ateya Ismail Lukandu, Wanyembi Gregory Wabuke
7 Automatic Text Extraction Based on Field Association Terms and Power Links
Author : Mahmoud B. Rokaya
8 ICT Challenges in Developing Countries: Botswana’s Perspective
Authors : T. Mogotlhwane, F. Khosrowshahi, J. Underwood
9 Quantum-behaved Particle Swarm Optimization with Qubit's Bloch Coordinates Coding
Author : Fuhua Shang
10 Adoption of Web Based Applications to Enhance Communication and Interaction Between Higher Learning Institutions and Alumni
Authors : Anthony Mwombeki, Honest Kimaro
11 Software Failures and Risk Management Practices in Nigeria, Kenya and Zimbabwe: A Survey
Authors : Esiefarienrhe M. Bukohwo, Greg Wajiga, M. O. Egwurube
12 Simulations of Trains Traction of Locomotives Series Tent 443
Authors : Vukadinovic Vojislav, Gavrilovic S. Branislav
13 Lively Learning Framework of ISO / OSI Model and Data Communications
Authors : David L. La Red Martínez, Federico Agostini
14 FELIS Programming Language for Rule Systems
Author : D.S. Sfiris
15 Intelligent Agent based Mapping of Software Requirement Specification to Design Model
Authors : Emdad Khan, Mohammed Alawairdhi
16 Data Mining Techniques in EDM for Predicting the Performance of Students
Authors : Ajay Kumar Pal, Saurabh Pal
17 Fuzzy Multi-objective Linear Programming Model for Oilfield Production Distribution
Authors : Rong Xiao, Xianfeng Ding, Xinhai Kong
18 Design of Secure Electronic Voting System Using Multifactor Authentication and Cryptographic Hash Functions
Authors : Olayemi Mikail Olaniyi, Oladiran Tayo Arulogun, Elijah Olusayo Omidiora, Adeoye Oludotun
19 Design and Implemenation of a Unified e-ID Card for Secure e-Voting System (MUSES)
Authors : Samuel N. John, Charles Kayode Ayo, Charles Ndujuiba, Chinonso E. Okereke
20 An Algorithm for the Nonlinear Complementarity Problem On Management Equilibrium Model
Authors : Shuangshuang Xie, Peng Wang, Lei Wang, Hongchun Sun
21 Implementation of Cloud Computing Approach Based on Mobile Agents
Authors : Alwesabi Ali , Almutewekel Abdullah, Okba Kazar
22 The Dynamical Mode of Uncertain Nonholonomic Systems with Affine Kinematic Constraints
Authors : Chuandai Dong, Liyun Mao
23 A New VWBFGM (1,1r) –BPNN Model Based on Power Function x Transformation for University Graduates' Employment Forecasting
Authors : Zhaolei Chen, Xia Li
24 Word Sense Ambiguity: A Survey
Authors : Mohd Shahid Husain, Mohd Rizwan Beg
25 Design and Simulation of Domestic Remote Control System using Microcontroller
Authors : Mughele Ese Sophia, Kazeem Opeyemi Musa
26 Mobile Learning for Undergraduate Engineering Students
Authors : J. Hemabala, E.S.M. Suresh
27 Comparative Analysis of Propagation Models in Urban Environments
Authors : Carmen Jiménez-Álvarez, Sergio Vidal-Beltrán, Alejandra Eslava-Gutiérrez, Montserrat Jiménez-Licea
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