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Volume 4 - Issue 5 (September 2015)

# Article Title
1 Event Video Segmentation using Trajectory Discontinuity
Authors : Charlie Maere, Zhang Lei
2 Paper Title Low Cost and Low Power Floating-point Fused Multiply-Add Unit Design with Proxy Bits and Weighted 2-Level Booth Encoding
Author : Hyunpil Kim
3 Use of Merger and Acquisition Approach to Improve the Productivity of Taiwanese Laptop Manufacturers: An Empirical Study
Author : Yi-Horng Lai
4 A Call to Include Workflow Management Systems in MIS Curriculum
Authors : Vikram Bhadauria, Anil Gurung, Anil Singh
5 Accurate Depth Map Computation from Image Focus by Equifocal Plane Approximation
Author : Seong-O Shim
6 Single Object Recognition and Motion Tracking with Fast Multi-Frame Processing Algorithm
Authors : Zhen Gao, Ishwar Singh
7 Modified Self-Organizing Feature Maps for Detection Abnormal Behaviors of Connected Vehicles
Authors : Sami Albouq, Khalid Alghamdi, Mohamed Zohdy
8 Analysis of ICT usage for the Teaching and Learning Process by the Academics
Authors : H. M. C. T. Herath, Champa Hewagamage
9 Investigation the Signal Strength of ESPAR Antenna with Omni-Directional and Directional Antennas on a D-Link Wireless System
Author : Elmajdub Faraj
10 Adaptive Model for Agent-Based Intelligent Tutoring Systems
Author : Waheeb A. Abu-Dawwas
11 Dedicated and Virtual Server Monitoring-as-a-Service via the Web
Authors : Rumaisa Akbar, Mohd. Shahid Husain, Mohammad Suaib
12 Soft Tissue Modeling Techniques in Surgery Simulation
Authors : Aruni Nisansala, Maheshya Weerasinghe,G.K.A.Dias, Damitha Sandaruwan, Nihal Kodikara
13 SOHO: Information Security Awareness in the Aspect of Policy
Authors : Jason Maurer, Brandon Clark, and Young B. Choi
14 Development of an English Vocabulary Trainer for German Speaking Pupils and other Beginners of English with Focus on Learning Analytics
Authors : Robert Gröbel, Markus Ebner, Martin Ebner
15 Human Factors in Information Security
Authors : Alphonso Price, Young B. Choi
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