Impact of Cyber Threats to Nuclear Facility


  • Erasto Kayumbe ICT and Statistics Unit, Tanzania Atomic Energy Commission, Arusha, Tanzania
  • Lucy Michael Institute of Social Work, Dar es salaam, Tanzania



Cyber, Threat, Security


International community has been traditionally focusing on physical threats to facilities and pass by the threat of a cyber attack on a facility. All the same, due to the growing threat posed by cyber attacks; cyber security is becoming indispensable component of nuclear facilities and it is setting up itself as a main concern for facility operators and national regulators. Consequently, ensuring the security of nuclear facilities is a considerable element, which gears at avoiding theft of nuclear materials and sabotage. For that reason, this paper was set to examine impact of cyber threats to nuclear facility. Specifically, the paper has examined cyber threats, cyber threats to nuclear facility, impact of cyber threats to nuclear facility. It is concluded that cyber threat to nuclear facility is growing despite numerous effort taken to offset the problem. Thus, there is a need either to design or improve available cyber threat mitigation procedure in order to tone down the problem.


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