Effect of Cybersecurity Awareness among Students in the Education Framework Using the Internet, E-Learning Platforms and Social Networks  


  • abdallah alia Zarqa University, Jordan




security, criminal's, social media, awareness, questionnaire


Some groups of students, both male and female, are ignoring their duty to keep the security of their data. The goal of this research is to comprehend the administration. Students at Zarqa University have reported additional criminal incidents. For urged to take an active role in preventing security incidents. This paper's introduction looks at security issues linked to level of safety as well as raising student security awareness. The students at Zarqa University should be more mindful of security issues. This research covered a lot of topics that mirror how students use the internet and behave when doing things related to security, like creating and managing passwords and interacting with social networking sites. After researching pupil security awareness, it was discovered that they lacked the most basic security measure, such as a strong password. In order to solve the issue of shortage, we must address the dearth of training programs for students in security awareness


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