A Review of Smishing Attaks Mitigation Strategies


  • David Ng’ang’a Njuguna Department of Information Technology, Mount Kenya University, Thika, Kenya
  • John Kamau Department of Information Technology, Mount Kenya University, Thika, Kenya
  • Dennis Kaburu Department of Information Technology, Jomo Kenyatta University of Agriculture and Technology, Juja, Kenya




phishing; Social engineering; vishing; SMS; malware; mobile applications; awareness


Mobile Smishing crime has continued to escalate globally due to technology enhancements and people's growing dependence on smartphones and other technologies. SMS facilitates the distribution of crucial information that is principally important for non-digital savvy users who are typically underprivileged. Smishing, often known as SMS phishing, entails transmitting deceptive text messages to lure someone into revealing individual information or installing malware. The number of incidences of smishing has increased tremendously as the internet and cellphones have spread to even the most remote regions of the globe.


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