Torsion, an Information State of Evolutionary Energy and Matter


  • Mircea Iosif Neamtu Department of Mathematics and Computer Sciences, Faculty of Computer Sciences, U.L.B.S. Sibiu, Romania
  • Mircea Valeriu Anghel Sibiu, Romania



informational dimension, imaginary sphere, spatial cube, word-of-state, cross entanglement, bios field, torsional field, center of balance, elemental particles, primal particles, elastic properties, inter-dimensional, vortexes, opposite properties, symmetrical state, primordial importance, hypothetical corners, scalar wave, scalar energy, boot energy, turning-torsion point, Mobius ring, etheric field, subtle level


The torsion field as phenomenon and mechanism, has mainly drawn attention and its deep analysis came to the conclusion that torsion is a subtle phenomenon and the field is the element which contains and generates the state of torsion itself. Often torsional fields, space rotating fields, inter-dimensional ports and vortexes are mentioned in this context. We observed that the torsional field is created by dividing information [16], thus it is a component resulted from the informational dimension [19].


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