Comprehensive Design Flow for Effective Data Processing and Visualization


  • Samudyata A Department of Electronics and Telecommunication Engineering, R V College of Engineering, Bangalore, India
  • P Nagaraju Department of Electronics and Telecommunication Engineering, R V College of Engineering, Bangalore, India



Talend, Power BI, Data Analytics, Exploration


Data is pervasive in the modern digital world. Data is continually being created, gathered, and analysed, from social media interactions to financial transactions. Businesses face both opportunities and challenges due to the data boom. On one hand, data may be a useful resource for companies looking to differentiate themselves from the competition, spur innovation, and enhance decision-making. However, the sheer amount and complexity of data can be daunting, making it challenging to glean insightful information and take timely action on it. Organisations need a strong and well-designed data processing design flow that can allow effective data exploration and creative visualization in order to meet this challenge. This work focuses on the complete data processing lineage and integrating that with various tools such as Talend and Power BI for data analytics to deliver diverse visualizations and insights which can cater businesses to stay ahead of the curve, providing a foundation for success in the ever-evolving digital landscape.


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