Parallel Merging and Sorting on Linked List


  • Yijie Han School of Computing and Engineering, University of Missouri at Kansas City, USA
  • Sreevalli Tata School of Computing and Engineering, University of Missouri at Kansas City, USA



Parallel algorithms, optimal algorithms, EREW, CREW, CRCW.


We study linked list sorting and merging on the PRAM model. In this paper we show that n real numbers can be sorted into a linked list in constant time with n2+e processors or in ) time with n2 processors. We also show that two sorted linked lists of n integers in {0, 1, …, m}  can be merged into one sorted linked list in O(log(c)n(loglogm)1/2) time using n/(log(c)n(loglogm)1/2)  processors, where c is an arbitrarily large constant.


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