Risk-Based Design of Socio-Cyber-Physical Systems


  • Dana Prochazkova Department of Energy, Czech Technical University in Prague, Praha, Czech Republic
  • Jan Prochazka Department of Energy, Czech Technical University in Prague, Praha, Czech Republic




socio-cyber-physical system, operation, failure, risk sources, safety, coexistence, risk management plan.


The aim of risk management of socio-cyber-physical systems at designing is the integral safety, which ensures their coexistence with their vicinity  throughout their life cycles. On the basis of present knowledge and experience, part of risks that threaten socio-cyber-physical systems shall be mitigated by preentive measures during their designing and manufacturing. Due to dynamic changes of the world, the conditions of socio-cyber-physical systems at operation change. If  changes exceed the socio-cyber-physical systems´ safety limits which were inserted into their designs, the accidents or  socio-cyber-physical sysems´ failures occur. The presented risk management plan is tool which ensures the prevention of such unaccepted situations and the safety.   


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